Background Information on Gamescale Software

Since Gamescale didn’t get its start in the online gaming sector until 2010, it can be considered a relative newcomer. On the other hand, considering the number of people that worked on it and contributed to it, it was bound to be outstanding right from the start. Microgaming, Playtech, and 888, together with other seasoned veterans of the online casino sector, banded together to form the company. The idea behind it was straightforward: to develop a platform for marketing and live games that was straightforward for proprietors and operators of casinos to configure. Through strategic alliances with other market pioneers, the company guarantees that the casino software it provides to customers is of the highest possible standard in all respects.

Variety of Playable Games

Instead of developing too sophisticated three-dimensional games, Gamescale has made the choice to keep all of its titles in the same user-friendly and extremely engaging vein. The traditional slot machine games will appeal to purists and provide assistance to new players so that they can get started, while the more complex video slot games will likely keep everyone else entertained. When players wish to take a break from spinning the reels, it’s a good idea for the casino to provide a typical line-up of table games, as well as Fortune Reel, Reel of Fortune, and other innovative titles. On the whole, the software platform provides access to more than fifty different games, some in the style of arcades and others in the form of scratchcards. The mobile casino technology provided by the software provides players who are on the go with access to 30 games and incorporates live betting and live dealer goods across all of its platforms.

The State of the Game


We anticipated that Gamescale’s graphics and overall playability would be of a very high standard given the number of well-known developers who have participated to the project, and we are glad to report that our expectations were met in every respect. The straightforward designs are effective, and the games’ fluid operation is another prominent feature. There is support for five languages at the moment, with more languages being added in the near future. This should result in an improvement in the overall quality for native speakers of many different languages.


That Which We Adore

It is not unexpected that this program is so well developed and resilient given the fact that it is supported by such a large number of well-known brands, which is possibly the best part about the software’s adaptability. In addition to providing a selection of languages in which to do business, Gamescale enables users to make use of a wide variety of financial systems and currencies. Players have the option of downloading and installing the software on their computers, or they can gain access to it straight through their web browsers if that is more convenient for them. The fact that the program is compatible with playing smoothly on any smartphone or tablet also implies that it is able to support a greater number of users. Players have peace of mind knowing that everything is being properly taken care of and is being watched to ensure that it continues to be in this state when it is licensed and controlled by the Malta Gaming Authority. Because of this, they are free to concentrate on having fun while playing favorite games.


What It Is That We Do Not Love

Although there is a satisfying variety of games to choose from, there are not nearly as many titles available for choosing as there are with some other software providers. In addition, the games’ level of intricacy might use some improvement, which is especially surprising given that Microgaming was one of the company’s founders.

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